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Clarity Center PLLC

Clarity Center PLLC, is a global counseling, coaching and consulting company that provides comprehensive integrative mental health and wellness services, as well as custom workshops and presentations internationally. Our focus is to improve the well being and success of our clients, and extend our commitment in providing professional, customized and wide-ranging services to individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations.

Our services are professional and confidential. Our approach is offered within a safe environment, where our holistic and wellness philosophy is designed to assist our clients with managing, coping with and resolving the issues they struggle with individually, in their relationships and in their careers. We offer virtual individual, couple, family, and group counseling services.

In addition, we work with schools, educational districts and companies, but also one to one with parents who face educational and behavioral challenges with their children, helping them collaborate with schools, teachers and other professionals for their children’s well being. Our goal is to help all children and their families receive the resources and services they need to improve a child’s educational experience and academic performance.

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About Me

I am Clara Magallanes, and I am an internationally licensed and certified professional in different disciplines, including mental health, education, science, and medicine.


As a professional since 2000, I have focused my education and work experience in healthcare and education. I hold several careers. licenses, and certifications in different areas, and all come together to better serve my clients. I am also bilingual and bicultural, being able to proficiently communicate in English and in Spanish individually and professionally.

In the United States, I am a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas. I am trained in EMDR, recognized by EMDRIA and I work holistically with clients at different levels, integrating therapeutic techniques to meet each of my client's needs. I am also a Certified Grief Educator and a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. I am also currently in the process of working toward the Registered Play Therapist (RPT) Credential and an EMDR Certification through EMDRIA. In my practice, I work with children, adolescents, adults, and seniors, and I am bilingual, offering services online and in person, in English and Spanish. I take a holistic approach and integrate multiple modalities, including EMDR, CBT, SFBT, Reality Therapy, Play Therapy, expressive arts, sound, and sand therapies, tailored to benefit each client uniquely.

Internationally, I am also a Licensed Medical Doctor in Mexico, as well as a licensed professional in nursing. In Texas, I hold multiple certifications in the area of education. I hold a M. Ed. in Administration and I am certified as a principal, in special education, bilingual education, and technology applications.


As a consultant and coach, my expertise is in mental health, education, transitions, parenting, and administration. In the mental health area, I am a psychoeducator, speaker, and advocate. I train educators and healthcare professionals and socio-emotional needs and mental health awareness, as well as mental health education that is tailored and applicable to professional needs.

As a coach, I help individuals in different aspects. We have all been challenged by life, grief, transitions, career, clarity, parenting, wellness, lifestyle, and sometimes even have felt disconnected to our mindfulness and spirituality. My approach is holistic, accepting, non-judgmental, person centered, cross-cultural, and with a multi-cultural awareness. I combine my professional knowledge and expertise to help you learn the skills to take control of your life and go on a journey of self-knowledge, self-love, awareness, and confidence. Finding meaning, identifying your why and your purpose, reigniting your motivation, and reconnecting with your self and others, will help you recharge and move forward by making yourself accountable and taking control of your life. Together, we will work on creating positive change that will impact your life, reaching your goals, feeling successful, but always with compassion, positivity, and clarity.


As a consultant in the area of human resources and administration, I create and develop efficient, productive and proactive communication strategies and solutions for my clients that enable them to connect more effectively with each other and their target audience to improve team-work, leadership, and grow your businesses with a collective vision, mission, a growth mindset, and purpose that will propel your team forward with a passion that comes from within.


In my different services, my roles are based on professional knowledge, expertise, and experience. I maintain myself updated, with continuous development and professional/personal growth, so my toolbox is always expanding. I thrive on collaborating and synergizing with my clients to creative positive change and growth. In my work, I always give 100%, meeting my clients where they are at and moving forward to achieve success.

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