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Coaching Services

Coaching helps you in many ways, and helps you go in the direction you want to go. It supports you at every level as you become who you want to be. Coaching builds awareness, empowers choices and leads to change. 

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Personal Coaching

Our coaching approach is customized, straightforward, focused, and unearths the desire and motivation from our clients to work towards their goals and achieve them. We work from the belief that we create our own reality with the thoughts we choose to give power to, our personal self-talk, the language we use, our habits, and the conscious and unconscious actions we take on a daily basis.

We believe that once we recognize the power within us and the capacity to create positive change, then we are able to make the decision to have the courage to uncover and discover our hidden potential, and make the necessary choices to activate them. With this newfound awareness and drive, we unlock our personal freedom and the capacity to reach our full potential and achieve the desires of our heart.

While working together, we will identify, create, plan and execute the necessary steps and actions required to reach your goals and change your life for the better.

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Parenting Coach

Clarity Center also offers parent coaching in the areas of behavior and education. As parents, we are the cornerstone of our family, and our approach, resources, skills and knowledge, are reflected in our children. Whether it’s young children, adolescents, or adults, our relationships need nurturing and support, so that we can improve the relationships with our loved ones, as well as become knowledgeable and equipped to assist and support them throughout the different aspects of life. In addition, Clarity Center also offers parental guidance in the areas of educational/academic needs for your children. As expert educational professionals, we are aware that on many occasions parents may feel lost regarding the educational and behavioral needs of their children, not knowing about the resources, access, and steps that are necessary to help them receive the services to meet their needs and allow them to have the best educational experience available to them. We are ready to work with you, and to collaborate with the necessary professionals to support parents and their children.

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Wellness Coach

The overlapping terms fitness, wellness, and well-being are often confused within the fitness industry and the public. Wellness is defined by NASM  as “an individual’s personal journey toward the mental, physical, social, and emotional betterment of life.”

Translation: it’s not only someone’s healthy behaviors or habits, but the process of making ongoing and informed choices which in turn make that person’s life better, healthier, more connected, and emotionally satisfying.

A wellness coach’s job is to support an individual in the process of making those choices. It’s important to emphasize that wellness coaching is not prescriptive, meaning they don’t tell their clients what to do. Instead they help their client to examine their choices for themselves, moving along an iterative, personalized, and unique wellness journey.

Wellness coaches understand the science behind the behaviors that build holistic wellness and wellbeing.  Then they use their unique gifts and expertise to support their clients. This coaching role is unique among health, fitness, and wellness professionals.

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